LYRICS : Absofruitly

Working minimum wage under fluoro lights

of my village supermarket, I was living the life

I took double shifts all summer and nearly went insane

I was nineteen and in love and she didn't know my name

stacking porduce in aisle one, bored and in despair

I could only think of her and how we'd made a great Pear

I tried not to fantasise but there was nothing else to do

staring at baanas and broccoli all I could see

was you

You'll turnip on a bike as we're closing with like a thousand things to buy

and as I ring up all your bags it starts pissing down outside

I'll say I avocado. I could give you a ride

Why walk all the way home when you seem strawberry tired?


We pull up at your house and you ask whatcha doing tomato?

pumpkin I come over to yours? I wanna show you this movie I know

I think you'd really leek it. I think rhubarb really kind

I feel we have a spinach-al connection, so do you wanna come inside?

so I stay for dinner, and the next day we have our second date

you come chilli at my house, and things are going grape

you even bring me cauliflowers. Raspberry nice of you

and I just current believe that you like game of prunes too!


I've never never never never never felt like this about another human bean

All day I kiwi to get near you and get in your aubergines

you'll say darling believe me when I say that I promise to beetroot

so can we cantaloupe because I’m mandarin love with you

olive happiness if you agree because you are the plum for me

there's no love like ours it's carrot? carrit? rit-written in the staaaaaarrr


but we all know the sweetest fruits eventually will rot

a year will pass and we'll both feel unsure of what we've got

olive seen it coming, we'll peach know what you want to say

so we'll eat dinner in silence and you'll start anyway


"I've been thinking about asparagus, onion-derstand I still love you very much

lime just not sure this is working out. I've forgotten what we're all a-sprout

I'm broccoleaving for Mangu Peachu, this is my fennel goodbye

I'm cherry sorry but I have to go, but please know that I…”


(spoken) and then you'll try to kiss me but I'll say "you butternut, my heart is squashed"


I'll say chard you serious? is this some kind of joke

and with my heart between my tonsils

I'll feel like I might artichoke


Years later I'll be rolling down the produce aisle 

buying apples for school lunches when I'll recognise that smile

whatcha doing here? what’s it been a hundred years?


(spoken) "yeah well this place always was really reasonably priced so…"


you’ll say I never did forget us

and please know I don’t regret a single minute that we spent

and I know we found out that we were better on our own,

but the only thing I’d take back is the unkindness I have shown

think of all the things we might have left unknown


and I‘ll say, well,

orange you glad you didn’t walk home?


Lyrics by Yve Blake & The Internet.