My high school was just for girls

And in this tiny hormonal world

All that mattered was celebrities

And gel pens


But in year nine things changed

Like a virus my friends became deranged

With curiosity about BOYZ

and how to bate them


The race was on

The race was on

to see could be the first to sex a boy

and tell us what went down


Because the first to get a man

To put his sausage in her pan

was going to be the queen of everything

and wear the slut queen crown



I took a bus across town

I couldn’t risk being seen or found

For the first time

I was going shopping without the colony


In the dressing room I practiced

unzipping it for easy access

It was the tightest skirt I'd ever owned

And it was my ticket to victory



Ladies it’s on

I've got my Sex Skirt on

And when it comes off

the competitions gunna get slayed

I got my Sex Skirt on

but not for long

You bitches never forget

that I was the first to get laid



One Friday Rosie's parents were in Croatia

we invited every boy we knew

The city’s teenage population

It was the perfect opportunity

to get a boy inside a room with me

or at least behind a bush,

or behind a parked car down the street

my skirt

in my school bag that day

waiting for battle it called to me

from between crumpled papers,

hair pins and lost erasers

saying bitch, tonight

Imma get sprayed



tonight I’m not some kid no more

Maybe I’ll get chlamdya oh

and make all the other girls at school so jealous

there couldn’t be better timing

to break my friggin...

drought of enthusiasm from the fellas



Ladies it’s on

I got my Sex Skirt on

Eat my dirt I’m gunna to be the first to sex a boy

I got my Sex skirt on

but not for long

because tonight imma get my virginity




I’ll tell them what they can’t even imagine

be an encyclpeodia of vagin-

al adventure, and knowledge

head professor at the college

of how to be a  




2 years laters I still wore

the name I earned on Rosies floor

Slutface McGee

but not in a good way

because in the dark of her basement den

I accidentally jumped her boyfriend

but at least I showed them

who was the year nine slut queeeeeeeen 


Lyrics by Yve Blake & The Internet.