as part of 'Bush Bounce', Radar Festival November 2012. 

Developed with the Bush Theatre under the Mentorship of Sabrina Mahfouz & Louise Ryder

MOREISH is a Live Artwork about our relationship to food. And how it's changed recently. 

Audience members embark on an individual audio-guided adventure with indulgent food, while seated at a spectacular dining table. Each “Diner” is given a different set of instructions, creating a beguiling ballet that leaves the spectators to question the extent to which the “Diners’” actions are spontaneous or prescribed. An installation that expresses how utterly confusing it is to feed ourselves nowadays, and how our anxieties and indulgences invisibly connect us. 

The interactive performance sits within a wall mosaic of “Dirty Food Secrets” written anonymously on paper plates by spectators and participants.