• Battersea Arts Centre (map)

'THEN' by Yve Blake & Co. 
20 - 22 March

Running time: 50mins
Price: £3.50 in advance, £5 on the door

In October 2013, Yve Blake created the interactive website WhoWereWe.com where she asked strangers to answer one question. ‘Who did they feel they used to be?’

Strangers from 44 international cities contributed stories, voicemails, pictures and playlists. 132 of these stories became ‘Then’. 

Using handcrafted music and spectacular visuals, Yve brings these collected histories to life onstage in a celebration of the idiots, strangers and heroes that we used to be.

With ‘sheer ingenuity’ (TimeOut), Yve’s music samples everything from orchestral flourishes to flushing toilets, and rarely misses the opportunity for a dance break.

Prepare for ‘ A truly special event’ (A Younger Theatre), created by Yve Blake, the internet…and you?

Then has been developed with support from the National Theatre Young Studio supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.