I want to talk to you about an email that you haven’t sent, or replied to - but which gently haunts you. 

Or aggressively haunts you, either works, Let’s call them:

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👻👻👻 (For inspo - see the list of list of examples below) 👻👻👻


So that your story can inspire/become a song (anonymously & respectfully) 
Why? Because I’m making a show/album about email ghosts.  Why? Because if Trump starts nuclear war tomorrow - what will we have left unsaid? what will have felt impossible to say, or type, or share. No matter how big or small your email ghosts is, I want to talk.

How it works:

  1. If you have a story, we make a time to jump on the phone or Skype. 
  2. I’ll need your permission to record the chat incase I miss anything while I’m taking notes. I won’t share the audio with anyone. 
  3. In a month or so, I’ll start writing songs based on the stories I’ve collected
  4. If something you said ends up in a song - I’ll get in touch to clear it with you.


Remember, no story is too small or insignificant!  If you have a ghost, click the button below and I'll take it from here.

It’s time to let go of our email ghosts! Thanks for playing friends :) Yvex


Maybe there’s someone you always wanted to send a thank you note to, but now it’s too late - or maybe you just never found the words (or courage)? 

For example - I still need to thank my aunt for my 21st birthday present (3 years ago). I also fantasise about emailing the guy who owned the kebab shop below my flat in London. When I couldn’t sleep, I’d go downstairs and we’d talk about the meaning of life and eat baklava. I worry that he’ll never know what that meant to me.

Someone you’ve meant to reconnect with over email, but never found the words or courage? 

I had the same best friend for the first 4 years of primary school. We had a mutual best friend break-up in year 3, but I still think about her every time I see P.K Gum & she is in some of my favourite childhood memories.

Someone you’ve wanted to apologise to over email, but never found the words or courage? 

This could be to anyone. Maybe you want to apologise for falling out of contact, for never returning a jumper, or for being selfish, for not noticing something was wrong, for never paying them back, for saying the wrong thing, for not keeping a secret - or for something harder to name. Maybe you just wanna apologise to your ex boss for never showing up on time. Maybe these are words you actually want to send, or maybe it’s everything you fantasise about saying but know you'll never share.

An email you fantasise about sending to an ex lover - either to ask a question or to make amends? 

Again, maybe this is something you’ve drafted in your head knowing it’s wisest to leave the door closed.

An email you received over 6 months ago that you didn’t reply to but still think about? 

Self explanatory. I have many of these and one is a wedding invitation.

Someone who gave you their email address and you never reached out. 

My list includes: people I was interested in at the time, a one night stand who gave me an email instead of a phone number because I didn’t have a local sim card, and people who have actually offered me opportunities. 

An invoice you never sent.
I still need to invoice a retirement home for $750. I did a gig there in January 2016. So haunted!

Again - If you have a ghost, just click this button and I’ll take it from here:

Thank legend, Yve x

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