Hi, I'm Yve, It sounds like Eve.
I'm a Playwright, Composer, a Musical Comedian, and a ruthless Eavesdropper. I like to co-write my work with my audience.

For example, I spent 3 years collecting confessions from strangers on the internet and turning them into music and costumes and dance breaks. I toured the songs I wrote across the UK and Australia. And I made some of them into videos.

As of 2016, I've been given the support* to make my dream project: A bloodthirsty musical about Teenage Fangirls who are prepared to kill for love. It's based on hundreds of real interviews. 

I divide my time between Sydney and London, where  I've presented my work in various shapes and sizes at The National Theatre, Roundhouse, The Bush Theatre, The Soho Theatre and The Barbican. I also sometimes perform my shows in people's lounge rooms using 100% solar power. See my CV here.

*Supported by the Rebel Wilson Theatre Maker Scholarship & the 2017 Belvoir Artists' Workshop. Originally Developed with the support of the Barbican Pit Lab.